Faith. Compassion. Excellence. Perseverance. Joy

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School inspires academic scholars

motivated to serve and lead the world with Faith and moral character.


St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School is fully accredited by AdvancedEd.  AdvancedEd is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of Pre-K-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.   The standards of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School are commensurate with or exceed those in public education with respect to the length of school year, instructional time, student/teacher ratio and curriculum. Faculty members are certified by the State of Oregon and licensed in the areas they teach. Our students consistently perform well above average on standardized achievement tests, including the Oregon Statewide Assessment.

Differentiated Curriculum

St. Francis Of Assisi Catholic School differentiates curriculum providing students multiple options for acquiring information and making sense of ideas.  We put students first. The primary way of achieving this is through the study of universal concepts.  Teachers provide students with deep and complex learning experiences, challenging them at all levels.  Teachers use a dynamic blend of a whole group, small group, and individual instruction. Flexible grouping allows students to interact with others to develop new ideas.  Students are encouraged to question the reasoning and assumptions behind ideas, and student-led inquiry is embraced.  Differentiation recognizes student background knowledge, readiness and preferences in learning and interests.

In 2013, when we relocated from Arizona to Bend, we began looking for a school for our daughter. Our goal was to find a school where she would thrive; private or public was not a priority...Natalie's educational growth was our primary concern. Even though our family is not Catholic, we toured St. Francis and fell in love, we knew that this school was where she belonged. Four years later, our girl is thriving, safe and loving school again. We have not looked back, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School was the right choice for our family.
Young Family
Having been parishioners of St. Francis for nearly 20 years, we looked forward to the day that we would have children enrolled in St. Francis School. We knew that they would receive an exceptional education,; academically challenging and strong in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. An education which nurtures both their minds and souls on a daily basis. Annie is now in seventh grade and Will is in second, each reaping the benefits of the promise we made at Baptism to raise our children in the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
Cohen Family
Our son Brody spent two years in public education. Brody can only hear out of one ear and was receiving all sorts of services in public school to aid him in being the best student he could be, including three hours a day of personalized teaching, a microphone worn by his teacher that transmitted straight to his hearing aids and a surround sound system that was built around his desk. Sadly, Brody was still far behind the other students in his class. Reluctant to give up his services we decided to try the Catholic School his brother was attending. It turns out Brody didn’t need $30,000 a year worth of accommodations, he just needed to be in a class of fifteen, a front row seat and a teacher that had time to devote to him personally. No more hearing aids for Brody!
Macias Family
Chris and I have been involved in Catholic education since our oldest son entered Kindergarten in Seattle. As a teacher, I am passionate about education, and Chris went through Catholic schools from K to 8th grade. We believe that a Catholic education is the best education you can give your child. When we first moved to Bend 6 years ago, we moved here for the lifestyle. To drive across town to school every day did not fit in with the desire to simplify our life. The public schools in Bend are great, and we appreciated the easy access to good education. But after 4 years, we missed the 'something more' that Catholic schools can offer, and the individual attention that a small class size can allow. It seemed silly to me to give up something so special and so important just because I had to drive a bit longer. Our friends in big cities are jealous of our relatively short commute! I can honestly say the drive has actually become "a positive" in our life. Not only do my kids finish their homework on the way home, it also gives us that time to chat and connect before and after school. One of the unforeseen benefits of making the drive has been that it makes Bend feel a little bigger and a little more diverse. It has opened our family's world a bit more. St. Francis has been a gift to us. Words cannot express how special the teachers and staff are. They truly see each child as a gift from God. They challenge them academically, meet their individual needs, and truly love each one of them. Who wouldn't drive 20 minutes every day for that?
Maskill Family