Welcome to the Pack


Our official sports and team name embodies the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that makes Saint Francis students successful. The wolf paw symbolizes the character of our patron saint who was gentle enough to tame wild animals, strong enough to endure the wounds of Christ, and fierce enough to change the culture in which he lived.

The colors, blue and gold, are our official school colors standing for academic and personal success.

Within our pack there are individual strengths to be celebrated, weaknesses to be overcome, and life-long friendships to be fostered.

We believe that any family who comes to us seeking a Catholic education for their children should be included in our wolf pack.  We offer financial aide and a parish member discount to assist our families.  The amount of tuition assistance we can offer is determined by our annual fundraisers, the level of parent volunteerism, and family income.  Please see the Registration Page for more information.