Covid-19 Expectations

New Expectations for the 21-22 School Year 

Each student needs to be Covid free prior to their first day of school. If you have been sick or you have been exposed to Covid -19 you need to remain at home until you are symptom free, have tested negative, and have permission to return to the school building. Your teacher will facilitate your learning.

It is against the law for the school to tell the name of someone who is sick, so it is against the rules for students to talk about sick classmates. The school will take as many precautions as possible to keep you safe from sickness. 

1. Students will walk in the halls
2. Students will keep all of their belongings in a backpack or bag.
3. (Pre-k 2)Lunch boxes will be stored on the top shelf of the lockers
4. (3-8)Lunchboxes will be kept in lockers
5. Students will wash hands before eating
6. Students will wash hands after sneezing or coughing.
7. Students will wash hands after using the restroom.
8. Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering a room.
9. Students will do their best to stay three feet away from another person.
10. Students will do their best.
11. Students will not tattle on others’ personal hygiene.
12. Students will keep their desk space tidy and clean.
13. Students will keep their desk top clean.
14. Students will wash their desks and chairs before leaving for the day.
15. Students will wipe the outside of their computers and follow classroom rules for charging them before leaving each day.
16. Students will be courteous toward teachers, staff, and peers.
17. When students must be in line, students adhere to the three feet apart rule. (use arms as a measurement)

Nuevas expectativas para los estudiantes en el año escolar 20-21 

Cada estudiante debe estar libre de Covid durante  de su primer día de clases. Si ha estado enfermo o ha estado expuesto a Covid-19, debe permanecer en su hogar hasta que esté libre de síntomas, tenga un resultado negativo y tenga permiso para regresar al edificio de la escuela. Puede asistir en línea después de comunicarse con su maestro. 

Es ilegal que la escuela diga el nombre de alguien que está enfermo, por lo que es contrario a las reglas que los estudiantes hablen sobre compañeros de clase enfermos. La escuela tomará todas las precauciones posibles para mantenerlo a salvo de enfermedades. 

New Expectations for Reopening Saint Francis School for Parents

See the school Handbook for all other expectations.

St. Francis reserves the right to change these expectations as it deems necessary.

Masks: Students should have an extra mask in their possession every day in case the one they wear to school gets damp.

Bold type: signals health department requirements for the school to be open.

Parents will agree that their student(s) have not been sick, diagnosed with Covid-19, or exposed to Covid-19 with in14 days of the first day of school.

Sick Child Information: Children often get sick at school.  It is important for families to set up their sick child care plans in advance. Children who become ill at school must be taken home or to the doctor immediately. Please communicate your plan with the school. If circumstances cause your plan to change, notify the school as soon as possible. 

  1. Provide accurate contact phone numbers and emails to the school?
    People are designated to care for your child/children.
  2. Designate who will pick up the child from school? First to be contacted.
  3. Provide physician contact information  
  4. Provide up to date medical information.
  5. Inform teachers, and the office of ongoing health issues (allergies, autoimmune disorders, any issue that causes a chronic cough)  Children will not be excluded for a chronic cough.
  6. Keep children at home if they exhibit symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, new coughing, and/or fever are present and for 24 hours after symptoms subside.  The 24 hours must be without fever reducer or cough medicine. When your child feels well enough to attend to make up work, contact the teacher for on-line inclusion into the class and make-up homework.
  7. For young children, we know that chronic ear infections and other early childhood illnesses can cause a short term fever without communicable disease symptoms.  A doctor’s letter stating that the child may return to school will suffice.
  8. Keep the school informed of symptoms (for contact tracing purposes)
  9. Keep siblings home and social distance within the home if Covid or another communicable disease has been diagnosed within the household. Contact the teachers involved for online assignments.
  10. Inform your employer of the health departments requirement for rapidly removing sick children/adults from school this year. Help create a plan of action for your workplace to be prepared for your absence.

Adult Interactions

  1.  All adults must wear a mask in the building, and at drop-off.  Volunteers must check with Mrs. Manion about vaccination rules before they begin for the school year.
  2. Parents are asked to comply with and model three foot distancing.  
  3. We respectfully request that you do as much office business and communicating with teachers, online, or over the phone, as possible.
  4. Parents should schedule appointments with teachers to express concerns face to face.
  5. Teachers will not have time to talk daily after school because they will be sanitizing their classrooms.  Please respect their time and schedule appointments.
  6. As you enter or leave the property, watch for cross traffic. The speed limit on our property is 20 miles per hour at all times.

After Care
No Drop-in care is allowed by the Early Childhood Care Division.  All payments must be made before the first school day of the month to keep your student’s place.  This service is available to meet the needs of working parents.  All Covid protocols apply to after care.

Entrance: All students will use the east end, parish office doors.  Parents, wearing masks, may walk their child to the classroom door as desired.

During the Day

  1. All personal items must be labelled and stored in the student’s backpack with the exception of lunchboxes and water bottles. Please provide a large backpack.  
  2. Students may still use the restroom as needed during the day.  Hands must be washed after using the restroom.  
  3. Parents will provide a labeled water bottle.  Two water bottle fill stations have been installed 
  4. Hand washing must be done before and after eating, after recess, after blowing your nose, after coughing, whenever they are dirty.
  5. Hand sanitizer use or hand washing must be done after using playground equipment.
  6. Lunch will be eaten outside or in the gym.  
  7. Prior to dismissal students will clean the outside of their Chromebooks, desks and chairs, anywhere that they are aware of touching during the day.
  8. Please check in at the office door if you need to pick up students during the school day.  Your student will be sent to the office.
  9. If a single student becomes ill with a fever, the classroom students will also be temperature screened.
  10. Teachers will be expected to visually monitor students for signs of illness (exhaustion, red-eyes, pale skin, ect.)


The Health Department requests that we advise parents to sanitize highly touched surfaces in their vehicles often and wash school clothes, worn masks and water bottles daily.  Use hand sanitizer or wash children’s hands as soon as possible after school.

  1. All Preschool-PreK parents will pick-up at the east end doors by the parish office.
  2. After Care students will be picked up at the West end of the building.
  3. After-Care students will be sent to their assigned rooms at 2:50. All of their belongings must remain in their backpacks when not in use.
  4. Elementary School parents will drive up to the parish entrance to pick up students.  Pull as far forward as you can  so dismissal finishes quickly. Elementary classes will leave their rooms at 3:00. Either through the hall doors or outside doors practicing social distancing as they walk.  Students will be sent to cars as soon as drivers are identified.
  5. Middle School parents will pick their  students on the far side of the church.  Your students will walk through the outside classroom doors and around the church.  Middle school teachers will supervise the social distancing.