We are a community of learners.  Our community is built on social interactions between buddy classes and mutual support.  Older students act as mentors to younger students by helping them evaluate and complete projects but also celebrating their learning when projects are finalized.  As classes complete major units of study  they invite the student body to attend a demonstration event such as the Wax Museum, the Zoo, Mission Control or the Pond.

Assemblies also build community.  Our pep Rallies encourage our student athletes and give academic recognition to our scholars.  Assemblies are wrapped up in fun.  The rallies are designed and implemented by the Leadership class.   

We also gather to honor traditional prayer practices during the major liturgical seasons.  Experiencing a variety of traditional practices and prayers allows our students to choose the devotions that will help them grow spiritually throughout their lives.

Our school garden binds us together as each class participates.  Students attend a course with Mrs. Logan in the green house.  Students observe the changes and progress made by the other students. 

Focusing on stewardship of the earth in a social setting builds critical life skills which are developed further in our ONREP (Oregon Natural Resources Education Program) events.  Each grade level has a landmark outdoor learning event that enhances their understanding of the effects of good stewardship on our city, state, and the Earth.