Support The Parish Scholarship Campaign

For parish children, not currently attending the school.

Father Julian was Pastor for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 School years.  His work in the parish brought healing and unity amid transition. Father Julian was a great supporter of the school and started this scholarship fund to assist our parishioners who desire a Catholic Education for their children but are unable to provide tuition funds.  Father Jose has continued this legacy of support for our own children.  Alone we can not, but together we can provide a Catholic education for every Catholic child.

This scholarship is intended to follow a child. Our goal is to raise $50,000 over 8 years per recipient.

2015-16  3 new students were added.
2016-17  previous students continued.
2017-18  previous students continued.
2018-19  previous students continued.

Scholarship donations can be made along with your weekly offering, please designate the funds, or personally in the parish office.
Scholarship applications are available in the Parish Office.

Everyone can help: Attend the 38th Annual Auction 

Thank you  parents, grandparents, sponsors and business partners because of your generous donations we met our 2018-19 fund raising goals.

SCRIP Program

The School Advisory Council created the SCRIP program in June, 1997.  The SCRIP program eliminates year-round fund raisers for the school.  Whether purchased at school or on-line the policy  is easy to follow.  Scrip may be purchased for local retailers such as Safeway, Fred Meyer, Newport Market, Lands’ End, Home Depot, Lowes, Old Mill, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster, Regal Cinema, etc…

If you need more information about this option please contact the scrip team at

Fred Meyer Rewards: Link your card to our school and earn cash for our school with every purchase without giving up the rewards you earn for yourself.


This program is designated to help lower income families or families in hardship to continue providing a Catholic education for their children.  A donation of full or partial tuition is donated directly to the school to cover a current tuition need.  Thank you for considering adopting-a-student.

Advertise in The Canticle

The Canticle is our student yearbook available for purchase to every family, designed and produced by Middle School students with their mentors.

Many Small Acts Turn Into Big Gifts Products, when purchased through Renee Moseley, Saint Francis will receive 100% of the profits.

Strictly Organic Coffee is available for purchase at the school office $13 per 1 lb. bag.

Box tops for Education save the box tops coupons off select items for our school.  When redeemed, these valuable little squares add up to new playground and gym equipment.