Expect More Than STEM

From Your K-8 School

St. Francis’ curriculum was S. T. E. M.
before STEM was introduced.

What is STREAM?

STREAM stands for the inclusion of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, The Arts, and Mathematics into all classroom teaching.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School offers rigorous academic standards.  We provide the highest level of technology available, including SMART Boards, and Chromebooks in every classroom.

In Reading and Math, 92% of our students, including those on individualized learning plans, meet or exceed the Oregon State Standards.

A major focus of the school is Science and Engineering.  Middle school students enjoy the school’s state-of-the-art lab to learn about Earth/Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  Along with meeting and exceeding the Oregon State Standards for each discipline, a special emphasis is placed on using the Scientific Method to complete activities.   Each year, students compete in the Bend Research Inventorprise Contest to engage them in the Engineering Design Process.  Sixth through eighth grade students attend OMSI Outdoor Science Schools to give them a hands-on, interactive experience.

Additionally, students learn about the biology of plants and good stewardship of the earth in the expansive school garden.

Students practice service and social justice in relationships, from the donation of the garden proceeds, to grade level service projects.  Respect for others, morals, and virtues are all practiced here.  Prayer is taught as the development of a personal relationship with God finding His beauty in the world around us.

Students of all faiths are safe, welcomed, and honored in our community.

Class sizes do matter. With an 11:1 average student/teacher ratio, our students do not get lost in the crowd or fall through the cracks.  We provide a fun, safe, nurturing environment where children love to spend their day.

Graduates of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School possess exceptional critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, making them well-prepared for the rigors of high school and college life. Furthermore, students learn to be respectful, responsible, and engaged citizens who are prepared to succeed beyond the walls of educational institutions.