St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School strives to be student-centered. Our teachers choose simulation-based learning experiences, such as Storyline, because they know they are high-interest activities that go along with role-playing and presenting for authentic audiences which help students of every ability level to achieve.  We have chosen to become an ONREP (Oregon Natural Resources Education Program) school because scientific experiences in the outdoors create lasting memories tied to the senses and emotions.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School takes individual student’s skills and interests into account.  Students who choose nontraditional athletics such as dance, or swimming may be allowed to change their work schedule if it is not a disruption to other learners.  Students in Middle school who excel in Math or Language may be able to advance to high school level courses.  Students who are struggling with reading comprehension or phonics may be referred to Child Find for support. It is our goal to help each child discover her or his strengths and unique talents.